Enjoy! xo, sarrlen

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The Model Student

One day,

I decided to study. (AMEN~! haha )

amused like a monkey.

got terrified with the terms in Biology.

got distracted with unnecessary things :D

moved on to the next chapter without understanding what I read.

'twas already 12 am but I'm still at the second chapter out of the five chapters for the quiz

got frustrated and sleepy

then suddenly, I didn't realize ...


then, I woke up without learning anything


but when I checked the time, it's already 7 am~!



rushed ..
grabbed anything ..

then, when I got to school, I wondered why there were no students at all 
and then I found out 'twas still Sunday.


Did these things happened to you? hehehe I hope not.
and I apologize for my grammar, I'm very good at it. :D

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F Margaux

DOMO-nation and the Jellies

One boo-ring day,


hope you liked it :D
*DOMO-nation = domination

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F Margaux