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Blur is part of the ART

Party at Chali

We were invited in a pool party at 
Chali Beach 
and this is what happened .. :D

the bokeh looks like ....

and my favorite and I don't know why ..

Honestly, I don't have any DSLRs and I only use digital cameras with no manual lens or whatever they call that type. And the only edit-thingy that I did in this series is just collage, a little brightness & contrast, then watermark. That's all and it really amazed me. HAHAHA

By the way, those kids are my niece and nephew.
And Blur is part of the ART and I don't know why :D

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F Margaux


by sarrlen

Here's another weird concept that came to my mind when I saw that gasmask --,

Innocence is NOT an EXCUSE.


Almost everything in this world is UNSAFE.

Uncertain with things.


After seeing these photos, I think i should've put some leaks but it's too late. I regret it *OTL. hehe --,
But anyway, there are some photos that are exclusively posted here because di ko feel mag.post sa deviantart :D yun lang.

*OTL = an expression like 'why are you like this'; it's a stick man kneeling down


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F Margaux

Last February 16, 2011, I bought a vintage film slr, the Vivitar V-50 with kit lens, Hehe --, 

I bought it in a repair shop for more or less $56 :D (very cheap right?)

but something’s wrong with its rewinding switch so the repairman replaced it with “Dave” (Canon AE-1).

I call him “Dave” because I want to be reminded of someone in Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines :DDDD sei*. So everytime I see or  look for this camera, I remember “Dave” hehe. Lol. nonsense ayt*? :D

and now I got my first film developed and I promise to post it as soon as possible. So far, I really love the results. :D


*sei = local expression

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F Margaux