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Adios ♥

A Farewell Shoot ♥

I am bidding a temporary goodbye to my beloved Digicam -- Sony W35. This camera was my pal for (i don't know) how many years now. I took unforgettable moments with this camera, i know it's kinda weird to blog this kind of thing but I am really happy that something really survived from my harsh hands. With this camera, I learned a lot of things. I learned how to challenge myself to become a better artist without the fancy DSLR to help me. It taught me that the camera is just part of the accessories (but I know that the camera is an essential element in this field of art but what I meant is the fancy cameras, i hope you got my point, haha) and what matters the most is your photograph or your art. All those years with this camera, I know I have proved to people that you don't need to have those fancy cameras right ahead just to have beautiful pictures. Beautiful pictures are captured by the person behind the lens, not the camera itself, camera is just an element.

On the other hand, If you're wondering why am I bidding goodbye to my beloved camera, well, he will be on longer hiatus now because I got my new DSLR!! WOOOH! I have waited and prayed to the Lord God for how many years with faith and patience then finally, YES! and thanks to my rich brotha! HAHA. It's a D3100 and his name is Dmitrij (Pronounced as: Dimitri). I know it's not that bad for a first DSLR. It's been almost three weeks in my hands now and guess what? I already took more than three thousand photos with it, not just random photos but I had photoshoots right away, I took videos during my vacation with my friends and I covered a school event for my beautiful niece and etc.

And without further a do, my temporary farewell shoot with my everlasting Digicam -- Sony W35.

I hope you liked this set as much as I do :D


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