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Starry Starry Night

Yes hello! I'm back! :)

It's been a very busy month for me because finals is coming and you know that every student must comply every fudging requirement to pass the freakin' subject! (ugh.. school)
Well anyway, we had our Gala night (for our department) and it was filled with laughter and agony (because of the fudging heels.. ugh --,) The theme was "Night at the Oscars" so, we must dress as if we are attending the Oscar's bwahah I felt really beautiful that night (haha) even though my dress made me look like a 30-year-old-woman-with-three-kids (haha) but despite that perspective I really want it to share this to ye guys! ^,^ because it's really rare for me to be and feel beautiful. (haha i know im harsh :P) PAK!

it was really an awesome night, just seeing my colleagues dress up like a celebrity and feel confident. it was really inspiring for me to be confident especially with these kind of social activities.

so, here are some of the photos of that fanta-bulous night!

me and my fab-bitchy-friends :P
messy hehe
  beautiful friend who won the award Ms. Head Turner
oh crap. you can't see my nail art haha  
one of the awesome performances with our birthday-girl-teacher

center of attention?
my trusty camera bag that turned into make-up bag haha
don't be fooled by the beauty, she's a heart breaker :P
with her whitney houston inspired outfit
ugh, couples of the night. *forever-alone*
total hair pins used just that night hehe
sareh. i don't know how to pose
 but the important thing is at the end of the night, I still feel beautiful no matter what people think or say, as long as I am happy and I don't give a damn. :P


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F Margaux


Hello Love Month.

 this is my 2nd option (for the heading thingy), i used the pen tool but didn't like the result. HAHA 

 about the theme, i know that 'heart season' is in the air and most artist will have something about love, affection and blah blah. well, im not that kind of person, i hate 'cheesy love' or something like 'verbal affection thingy'. that's why, i love this theme. im a bitter-type person but honestly, i may be very harsh and strong on the outside, but on the inside, im so fvking weak and i am very weak when it comes to love (ew) haha NOW JUDGE ME! haha well. whatever. i talked too much, you should meet me in person so we can be best friends.. HAHA

well, anyway, i hope you liked this set as much as i do! ;p


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F Margaux