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Yes, thank God I'm still alive after all I have been through and going through these past few months due to school stuffs and shit. But.. did you know that there's a new month called Cebu? haha Well, if you noticed in my title photo, there's an error. *embarrassed* It's supposed to be January :) Pardon me. 

And in speaking of Cebu, just a month ago, we had our yearly-devcom-traditional field trip in Cebu, Philippines. It was a 3 days, 2 nights adventure full of stuffs that we did without regret (maybe) because we are young and living the life without any strict supervision! weeeh! *please don't tell my mom ;)* Even though we did some stuffs but always with responsibility. *wink*

ze cabin (CGY-CEB)

In this escapade, we learned a lot of things about ourselves. Things that we didn't know that we had those traits and stuff. Things that are surely worth remembering. 

 The inside jokes we had are priceless ... and viral. hehe
I isolated myself from the crowd and took a shot of my legs instead of my face. haha

my brows got evaporated because of the freezing aircon. haha
ze adventure begins ..
they look like a genuine couple. nyahaha
photobombing haha

us, selective listening during seminars ... haha
hotel bound~!
Although, there were paranormal activities happened on the first night, yet, we still managed to have fun throughout the trip. 
only in the Philippines haha
breakfast view
boom! caught in the act! haha
ze busy birds at Basilica del Sto. Nino Cebu

 to be continued ......

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