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Fireworks && Carnival

Hi, :)

well, August is the month of my dear city and it was a the greatest fiesta I've ever had, so far. And it was a busy one for me because it  is also the perfect time to practice what we've learned inside the classroom. We covered fiesta events then wrote a news article about it. phew! thank God I survived that part! but it was just the preview of my "future" profession.I know there's more to come!

anyway, this is a very late post as usual haha (you know, student life --,) this was the last day/part of the celebration, the Pyrofestival Competition  and when we arrived, luckily, there were still two remaining competitors phew! then we went to the "scary" carnival, scary not because of the rides but scary because of the state of the rides, frankly speaking haha but still, we didn't care!

AND EVERYTHING WAS JUST OUT OF THE BLUE haha :3 and i love it :)

 wearin' my favorite vintage DMs
ugleh bokeh

The only carnival T^T they visit us every fiesta 
the ride was not  that scary but the state of the ride is. haha
 our little carnival :)
then, we ended our night this fast food chain, Mcdld's Me, hahah

 P.S. please don't use my photos without my written permission! please e-mail me if you want to use any of it then we'll talk. thanks :)


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