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This blog was created to be used as a platform to showcase my life events, mostly from my school activities, and some random shenanigans. This is a photoblog, although it had a couple of changes in the main header/title because I am the kind of person that changes my trends over time, so yeah. At first, I used my pseudo-name as the title but I felt that it was too self-centered so I changed it with, ietpepolrawrr, in which my blog address was named after. It means that I-eat-people-rawwr, hey, don't panic! It's not what it seems haha it was a phrase used by my infamous doodle monster that it was not really published here, but to make things clear, I don't eat people for Christ sake. haha. Then the title changed again into 'limitless', because at that point of my life, I realized that I did so many things that not all people can do. So basically, I was in this world, then in a moment, I changed into the other world, so on and so forth. I felt 'limitless' but after I got tired from all of this chaotic hobby-hopping, I realized that having this kind of title may imply that I am limitless forever but reality check, no one is that limitless for a long period of time. Even if it may inspire me to do more but nah, I'm too lazy for that kinda shit. So I changed it to it's current title header, euphoria&endorphins. Well, I'll try to explain the reason why I chose these words for my title. This blog gives me that euphoric feeling whenever I share stuffs that are really personal for me and because I'm the kind of person that finds it hard to talk about my personal life but telling the world about this and that through this is very fulfilling. Weird and confusing ain't it? hehe I'd rather blog these things than not to share it to anyone. This blog also acts as my morphine/endorphin. As what I have mentioned, I barely share things about my life and especially about my personal struggles and dilemmas, I use photography and blogging to act as my 'output', my remedy. I can express anything I feel deep inside through these artistic mediums and results mostly with dark, macabre photos.

I have used my pseudo-name for almost five years now (2013), Sarrlen. If you know me personally, you know that my full name is kinda long. And the crazy part of me wants to keep it as a secret to the stranger's world. I want only the people who knows me personally to know my real name. HAHAHA I  know that sounds kinda pathetic, well, yea, that's what it is. haha

Don't be deceived. It's not what it seems. aahaha Probably, so far, this the most decent 'selfie' I had.
 I'm already 20 right now and I created this around 2011, but I had a previous blogger site before this but I deactivated it. I'm currently studying Bachelor of Science in Development Communication, Major in Educational Communication at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan University.

I have a number of hobbies that makes me busy from time to time. These are photography, layout/graphic designing, typography, calligraphy, & nail art. And I bet, years from now, I will discover another hobby and I know I will get hooked with it for a long time. HAHA. So my advice is that we should continue to discover new things because our world and life has a limitless possibilities... you just have to be very patient and curious about stuffs.

I can get real crazy at times, esp when really bored. HAHA PS: those are brand new undies, so don't gross out. haha Sorry mom and dad for this ridiculousness. hehe

In photography, I started with a Sony digicam, then I prayed patiently and with immense motivation to bug my eldest brother to buy me this fancy thing, then, I had my first dslr, Nikon D3100 and I named it Dmitrij, I only use the kit lens for now, 'm still saving though for another lens, sigh.  And since then, I took photos of my adventures with it. Then, my youngest brother bought me a film camera, Canon AE-1 with a nifty-fifty lens. Although it's kinda expensive with all the photo-processing but if you only knew how fulfilling to see the finish products you will definitely get hooked!

halo, my fugly reading glasses said.
I am currently working on a prestigious photography company as a layout/graphic artist, which I don't know how did I pass their standards. I decided to have a job because, my parents are getting old and my course is quite expensive, so yeah, for financial support and most of all, I want to be mature at some point of my life. Turning 20 this year (2013) made me realize that "hey, I should be mature and do mature things, so yea, I should get a job, I think that's a mature thing to do." HAHA But honestly, I feel very, very, very blessed and honored with my work. I do what I love and I have great employers. All I could ask is the time, proper work time, because being a working student is very difficult. You have to know how to balance your time because these two things demands time. A lot of time. Aaand sacrifice, a hefty one. Especially now that I am a third year student, (thank God one more year to go), things are getting intense as time passes by.

At Quiapo Church, Manila, Philippines and yes, I'm kinda fat... aaaaand ugly T_T
I'm currently located at the "gateway to Mindanao", the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. I travel as much as I can and most of them are free haha because I travel with my siblings. NYAHAAH (I know I am blessed, I just know how to cherish it. ^_^) Fortunately, my course requires a lot of travelling because of educational tours, conventions and stuff, so yeah. That's one of the best part of the DEVCOM life <3

Although, sometimes, I have a 'defective' brain, I tend to forget the things I have learned all throughout my student life (or did I? haha) So please bear with me if I have some typo, or grammatical errors. I am only a human for crying out loud! haha

So yeah, I think that ends here for now. Don't know what to say anymore. So if you've got any questions, just ask politely, then I will get to you. Thanks for reading though, I hope you were not so judgmental about me. hehe Please enjoy my photoblog!

See ya 'round!



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