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Pizza Day

It was a spectacular day for us. We had so much fun roaming around the mall and staying at a pizza resto, We stayed there sitting for almost 2 and a half hours talking about bitches and End of the world! HAHA It was a pain in the ass but sooo worth it!
 It was a bright sunny day and everything was almost perfect! We called it a day because some of us were having problems with "nature" haha.

Then at dinner, my mom bought a humongous yummeh pizza for their 40th anniversary <3 

yay! just found a new location for photo shoots

luvin this new shoe source! woot! 
hello shoe obsession <3
 please don't wonder why i shot these in this matter because i was 'sneeking' just to take photos, scared of being thrown out a store. HAHA

i really love this! ugh <3,<3
 time to order!
meet my quirky friend :P 

cutie hehe 
yum :P 
 time to eat!
 hahah his face! 

 all clean! haha

 the humongous yummeh pizza


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F Margaux


YAY! new year again! although i was not in the mood in the first day of the year, i still managed to celebrate new year and thank God for another year! another year, another chapter full of obstacles.

 the last days of December was devastating for our town. we experienced a catastrophe which killed more than a thousand of people. sigh, i don't want to post the photos yet because i don't want to remember what happened to my fellow countrymen. it still hurt a lot.

well, anyway, in speaking of new year, i just started the 366 project. and to tell you, the first two days was frustrating. i mean, diary is easy when you are the only person who can read it but VISUAL diary with all the people in the cyber world watching every post you have is not the same! ugh. well, oh, well, why did i start it in the first place? HAHA that's why CHALLENGE exists. HAHA. so instead of posting it everyday ('coz amma leyzeh), it is much better to post it or compile it and post it at the end of the month. (how redundant). but if you want get to be sooo updated, just check it out in my flickr account.

XU days December 2011


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F Margaux