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One of my boring photos got featured at *DeviantArt? Well, I felt very proud of myself(TSAR!) because just to think that I'm not really good at taking photos but still my photo got featured! HAHA. Anyway, this is my third time that my photos got featured and here's the photo :) 

Naivete - Charm

see the red circle? That is mine :D *boasting-like-a-loser* bwahahaha
(wanna see the whole feature? follow this link)

here are the other photos from this album :)

Naivete - Contentment

Naivete - Serenity
well, this is one of my favorite shots in this album. ♥

Naivete ♥
and also this one :D


END of album

I hope you won't misunderstand the way I write. I'm not really boasting but I'm just a simple frustrated girl and luckily, my photo got featured and felt very awesome. For me, just being featured once in a while or just being recognized is a great and promising opportunity especially to an amateur/frustrated photographers like me. 

*deviantArt is the biggest online community for artists all over the world.

For my dA account: [link]

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