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Confessions of a Promdi: Manila pt. 2

 A historical church located near the Manila Chinatown, if I'm not wrong. hehe
Photographer's heaven
awesome prime lens is awesome
the experts
Quiapo church
 inside Quiapo Church
this woman is really inspiring. she's still reading something and made a spark inside of me and I don't know why. hehe
 I believe this is Recto
sorry but I am not a fan of spontaneous self-portraits haha

at the hotel lobby, checking out :(
 the most decent portrait I found
 billboard daredevils
 got interrogated because of some airbrush paint bottle, demmet.
 papa and bros
 last glimpse of Manila :(
this is quite cute for me, air-crafts lining up for take off. hihi
 buhbye Manila, 'til next time!
 last confession, I left my heart in Manila <3

 According to the urbandictionary.com,  Promdi  is a Filipino modern word for people or a person who grew up in the province then goes to the city. Other urban people use this as an insult, or joke. 

Confessing as a promdi is quite challenging but I am just being real. Being a promdi at times is not bad at all. You can't be expert in everything in this world. You need to be innocent at times to discover new things. Although I came from a small blooming city from the far south, Manila is just really different from my city.

Manila is a diverse city. You will discover a lot of things beyond the busy streets of Manila. I really love how adrenaline drives everything in this metro city, the kind of urban blase they have is quite fascinating for me and I kinda like it. However, one week is not enough to explore and discover what Manila is but nonetheless, I enjoyed Manila... a lot, plus the cuties I met HAHA. Everything was worth it.

And lastly, I want to meet that guy again who made my trip perfect.


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