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Overnight 2012

YAY! Hello everyone! 

Since it's already summer here in the Philippines and unfortunately, I failed to enroll for the summer classes due to unfortunate events. boohoo :P and I have tons of time to waste (AGAIN), so to make use of it, me and my close friends had a get together thingy because it's been awhile since we've hanged out together due to our busy college life (how lame), and since Dmitrij (my camera) has a video capability, then why not make use of it right? hehe so this is the result of the videos I have compiled. Although it's kinda lame but still, I think I'm kinda proud of it! HAHA and hey! this was edited using Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended! Well, if you haven't heard about it, I think you should check it out! It's kinda cool (well, for me though).

So now, I present to you, Overnight 2012 (sareh, I know the title is kinda lame and I was too lazy to think of another title, well, whatever, just watch it) :P 

what'cha think? :)

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