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Canon AE-1 ♥


Ok, just as I have promised, here's some of my Film shots and they're not edited! :) Everything is natural (including the flaws bwahaha).

This my favorite shot. The light in his face is just perfect. 

here's a child with his cute doggie from the Dog Show we watched in GenSan. The leak is natural, i think that's the complication or whatsoever from the old Film camera.

This Dalmatian dog is a GIANT! haha and a bit scary (because im not used getting so close with big dogs)

During break time,

this was perfectly focused but i dont know what happened. i think because of the vibration of the shutter. what do you think?

This is the Cagayan Recon Airsoft Brigade (CRAB), im their official photographer (weh?). In this series of photos, we were in a national competition in GenSan.

Somewhere in GenSan. I kinda like the exposed effect :)

and yes, Happiness overload.

I think this is an AWESOME shot. I dunno why XD

just look at her ribs XP 

waaah! XD ♥

and i think i captured something precious ♥ 

Thanks to Karen Kisses for the scan :) ♥

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