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Liceo U Folkloric Dance Troupe: The Homecoming

I was invited to shoot Liceo U Folkloric Dance Troupe's The Homecoming Show. They had a successful show in Vietnam & Korea (prior to this one), where they represented the Philippines and competed with other countries. And this coming month, if I am not wrong, they will fly to Russia to compete.

I saw the troupe's ups and downs since I was on the 6th grade and in fact I almost got a part when they needed an extra to perform the history of our beloved city. It was always fun to be with energetic, happy and artistic people. I remember the previous members of the troupe dancing in front of our house (sometimes I dance with them hehe), liquors on the side, guitars & bandorias (a 12 string guitar) playing and people singing & clapping 'til they they get tired. It was like a festival. Then all of our neighbors went out from their houses and joined us in our happy time. And when they get drunk, they all sleep on our second floor with no lights and stuff. It was such a wonderful memory.

Their shows never fails to amuse me. The colorful costumes, the hypnotizing music and the enthralling stories /characters they portray. The kind of entertainment they have is amazing. Although most of their dances are repeated but every performance is unique. And that what makes me want to witness every performance the have.


 Dugso Dance
 Tig-agawan Dance

T'Boli tribe's wedding dance

my favourite shot :)
my beautiful cousin
the whole gang


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