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Sweets from SG ♥

yay! we received a package from my sister in Singapore. A bag full of SWEE-E-ETSS! i have been waiting for this for i dunno, maybe two months? though the chocolates were unexpected but oh well, finally, it arrived! i was really excited upon hearing that my sister bought a nail art magazine just for me!! WEEEH! Finally, i will have a concrete inspiration for nail art! wooot!
this sweet little things are AWESOME! not too sweet.

I dont know what kind of bubble gum is this. It has this awful after-taste. ew.
The AWE-SOME nail art mag! wooot! woot!

I really like the character in this box, looks like Usavich XD
I wanna try this sake but having second thoughts because i cant buy this in our place :(

and this is the first nail art inspired by one of the designs in that mag! XD


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