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Confessions of a Promdi: Manila

BOOM! Just had a last minute summer vacation in Metro Manila where commuting eats half of your day. As a promdi (provincial-minded) visiting the vast city of Manila was epic. Although I did not visit all the tourist spots recommended by the government but instead, I wandered places where not all first-time tourist would've visit. In this epic adventure, I experienced many of my firsts. So I am laying everything out. No sugar-coating and I don't care what people might say.

It was really radical to ride every local transport like a local resident. Confession #1: It was my first time to ride a train. I rode the Manila Metro Rail Transit (MRT) & Manila Light Rail Transit (LRT). I was slightly scared riding it for the first time because of the possibility that I may be left behind if I wasn't swift enough. (haha this is so embarrassing). I also rode their version of pedicab or the sidecar which is really different from ours. It can accommodate four passengers excluding the driver. It is also powered by a motorcycle while our pedicab here is called motorela in which can accommodate more or less ten people including the driver. So it's pretty much different. hehe. Then I also tried their famous racing bus and it was radical!

Thanks to my clever & wise bros, I experienced Manila at its finest.

papa praying for our trip XD
Finally, I met my pretty niece!
papa's nose lol
The famous Quiapo Church at night.
Confession #2: It was my first time to try this yummeh ice cream <3
 I wish I can wear any of these dresses. <3
future nonsense hobby of my bros, RC
 yummeh sbarro
at Mall of Asia
hello fattie :P
at our hotel, Peace Hotel, located at Binondo, Manila. I highly recommend this place. Their service is great and their place is really clean and simple. Friendly staff and very affordable price.
although I wasn't able to take photos in every place I visited because my bros advised me not to for our safety. :/

to be continued ...

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