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Rai-rai @ 18

aren't they cute? hihi looks more like a pre-nup to me :P

one of my favorites
that was a long post, phew!

ze photos ye just devoured are ze pre-debut shoot I just had zis weekend. We had two sets but I just merged it because I just want a looong post haha This was also my first time to have a collaboration shoot with a friend or a colleague who then brought two professional photographers, damn I repeat PROFESSIONAL. haha At first, I was like OMFG I find it hard to move a lot because I was a bit starstruck and I feel pressured knowing that they are professional and I'm one hell of a noob or amateur (comparison, yes hello) HAHA I know that I should not act that way but at the end, instead of being nervous, I used this opportunity to learn from them about this profession. 

After that day, honestly, I regret a few things, I should have acted professionally (to the pro-photographers) and talked more to show who really I am because I was like a wallflower back then. I just watched them do their thing and let them dominate the day. I should have tested the waters more.

Despite everything, it was an awesome experience. I am looking forward for another collaboration soon and I hope that it will turn out better than this :)


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F Margaux

Lysistrata: Sex or War

What would you choose, Sex or War?

I think I already know your answer HAHA 

Well anyway, I think this is my second time to watch a theater play and I am starting to love it! I think it is much more awesome at some point to watch "real" talent perform live than to watch highly post-processed movies. I love watching how perfectly imperfect human beings we are. I love witnessing the impromptu bloopers on stage and watch how the actors cover their mistake. If he/she can cover it smoothly, he/she is an awesome and talented actor. :) From now on, I will watch theater plays more often because I think it's AWESOME! hehe 

Lysistrata: Sex or War is a play by the DC8 (theater something, whatever, it's just has to do with theater) students and this is their final requirement for the course and soon, I will be in the same situation if God permits hehe. 

The plot was about the housewives who missed their husbands, who left for war. Then the housewives wanted to stop the war for they can be with their beloved husbands and make love. The group of housewives was led by Lysistrata.

The play was really fun, full of moaning and whatnots. HAHAH 

The premiere night was a big success! The seats were sold out! and amazingly, they have FREE FOODS! YAY! nothing is better than free and tasty food!

The housewives recites their oath over a bowl of wine.
battle of the sexes. (sorry for the head shadows, unfortunately, there were big people seated in the front, so yea)
muse of the night: the lovely Ezel! :)
I just love their dresses, so elegant and simple. KUDOS to the designer.
awesome Rusty is awesome

Boom! werk it gurl!
le couple and the highlight of the night! haha

love prevails us all

told ya, it was full house!
Actress of the night :)
Muse of the night :)

[left] Remember "Jeren?" back from Cosina and also with Jess :) [right] People lining up for le FREE FOOD weeh!

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