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Hey, it's been a while since i have posted here and unfortunately im still alive. Hehe. My life got busier than expected. Even cutting my own nails needs an appointment! Gosh! Well, it'll be my fourth year in my course and hopefully my last year at college. And i will be having an ojt this summer. Also i will be turning one on my first ever formal job. Phew! Didn't expect to survive this far from all of the obstacles. Thank God. Twas quite a year and a half for me and i'll be expecting more in the future. And if that happens, there are two/three possible results: one, i'll survive and become tougher or i'll die or both ways. Haha

Today, i'll be sharing some photos with what happened in my life. Although majority of these photos were taken with my phone.. i really miss taking photos with dmitri.. my one and only lens is starting to retire ughh kinda frustrating but yeah life... so without further a do.. here are my crappy life shots.. enjoy! :))

Went to Manila.. without my family.. just for work

This is where we stayed. At some exclusive club/subdivision in Batangas. It was superb.

At some private beach in Batangas.

During one of the weddings we covered last december.

Took a selfie while working. Gosh! The stress! Haha

Watched a free gig with one of my fave pinoy bands, The Bloomfields and a plus with my bestfriend! ♥ Twas a great way to end the year 2013!

Got drunk with friends

Got busy with thesis

Escaped from reality


Well, that's for now. 'Will try to post more in the future ♥

sarrs ♥

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