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Well, as you can see, my blog has changed. from the gloomy black & white to kiddie white (kiddie because of the font used, im really glad that blogger has decided to add new fonts because their 'old' fonts are getting boring and of course 'old' hahah corny)

I was inspired by Julia Wang's blog http://seabug.blogspot.com/. I mean, i really liked how straight-forward her blog is. very neat and sophisticated plus her awesome photography! and now, because of her and my other 'idol' who uses 50mm lens, gives me this hunger for that lens (because i have this theory that it will give me better results than using my kit lens or a zoom lens) but the problem is, the cheapest 50mm lens doesn't have this auto-focus thingy for D3100, so i must purchase the new and more expensive 50mm lens.

and now, while i save for my '50mm lens' here are the screen shots of my boring blog just in case  you missed my old boring template XD

 old template 

yay! new one XD


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