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Sarrlen talks about Global Issues -.-

MANDATORY REMINDER from CNN; NASA: next 10 months, earth gets hotter by 4 degrees from now. Himalayan glaciers are melting @ rapid rate. Our climate is changing drastically & it's getting worst. We must help fight Global Warming by :1.Plant more trees, 2.Don't waste water, 3.Use cloth bag and don't burn plastic. Please copy & paste this to your wall. OUR MOTHER NEEDS OUR HELP! DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

When I read this on Facebook, there were a lot of things came to my mind. Actually, global warming already occurred decades ago but the only difference from today is that it became worse and marami ng nawalang mga hayop.
I think one of the major major problems of the world today is that people tend to consume things that aren't necessary. Just look at your garbage bin. I bet there are a lot papers, plastics that aren't that necessary. 

The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

watch this so you will know what I mean to say. :D and I hope after you watch this video, you will realize something. :D

That would be all, gotta study 'coz Midterms is already here. 


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