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‎1.14.11 ♥

T.G.I.F.~! haha this day is one of the best days of my life. i tell you, it felt like i had my whole year in one day! HAHAH did you get it? i hope not. HAHA lol anyway, on this day, I brought my bitch cam then we took boring shots together like im in a cloud 9 ‎♥ (cloud 9 because of a certain reason that I can't share :( ) , but then I had a date with the coolest friends in the world! OH, IT WAS PERFECT. I wore my super-stretched-smile the whole day and I thank God for it. It was unexplainable! and I took photos during my BIOLOGY class, HAHAH aw. :D


 this is so cool. if you will magnify this into high power objective, 

 this is what you will see! HAHA It looks like a face or a skull? did you see it? I was so amazed with this thing and I'm planning to make a tshirt design inspired by this. I hope I can make it by this week. I forgot the names of these specimens so, :D

 I think this is a leaf, and we were looking for the freakin' stoma. shet >.<

 this one looks weird ayt? hahaha

(fast forward)

while waiting for my next f-ing subject, I chilled with my fav. MCFLOAT! 

 at the class, sorry for the photo :D


but before that, I went to church to visit my BEST-FRIEND God. :D
 I love this place ♥

Three of the most AWESOME people I know~!
all we did is just laugh 'til we cracked up!

then, juanie treated us~! weeh! 
yummmy! :P

I hope this will happen again. ♥.♥


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