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Im planning to have a '365 Project: A Photo A Day' next year 2012. If you don't know what is that, then how long are you in mars? hehe  (yea right, corny) well, it is basically having a photo a day, most of it are random or something special you had in that day. I think it doesn't have this concrete point in why have this kind of year-long-random-project, i think this project aims to have this sort of visual diary.

So why am i doing this? Well, i have been planning this since two years ago but what stops me is my fking pride. Because two years ago, a lot of my friends in fb were doing it and i have this tendency that i don't want people to compare my work to others and tell me that i was copying their ideas(to have a 365 project). See how awful i am? tsk, well anyway, i have made up my mind, I DONT GIVE A DAMN. haha. im really trying to reduce my cussin' pride because it's awful living with this kind of perspective in life. it really sucks.

If you're wondering why 366 instead of 365, well, eventually, i heard that next year 2012 ,we will have a leap year, so that's why it's 366 duh. one day extension.


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