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Hello Love Month.

 this is my 2nd option (for the heading thingy), i used the pen tool but didn't like the result. HAHA 

 about the theme, i know that 'heart season' is in the air and most artist will have something about love, affection and blah blah. well, im not that kind of person, i hate 'cheesy love' or something like 'verbal affection thingy'. that's why, i love this theme. im a bitter-type person but honestly, i may be very harsh and strong on the outside, but on the inside, im so fvking weak and i am very weak when it comes to love (ew) haha NOW JUDGE ME! haha well. whatever. i talked too much, you should meet me in person so we can be best friends.. HAHA

well, anyway, i hope you liked this set as much as i do! ;p


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