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Last month, we went to a very remote place called Overlooking, Batang, Barangay Cosina, Talakag, Bukidnon, Philippines for our immersion. Yearly immersion is compulsory in my major. Immersion gives us the knowledge and experience of what we should do or expect in our future jobs. Our major goal is to use communication in able to help our fellow countrymen who are deprived of social and financial attention and we can also promote and start an advocacy for the benefit of the abused. So that's enough! HAHA 

Anyway, our immersion was really epic! We traveled for approximately four hours from the campus to the destination plus three hours hiking/mountain climbing then we reached the worth it destination. The hiking part was really difficult because of the baggage we brought plus the two kilos of rice plus the donations and etc. But all in all, our efforts was worth it. The Higaonon tribe welcomed us whole-heartedly. They were very hospitable and amazing. In our three days of living with them, I learned a lot of important things about life and these things really changed my perception in life. After this immersion, I became more sensitive with what I do. I became more stronger emotionally and mentally. And because of my 'gay' colleagues, I gained a lot of confidence. BWAHAHA thanks to them. XD

In summary, this epic adventure was really memorable. Me and my colleagues had this special bonding that made us closer like never before. I will never forget this experience. 

so without further a do, here are some of the photos :)

falling in line at the hanging bridge
the trail was really unexpectedly difficult 
the only transportation in this remote place
2, 3, 4 :)
getting to know each other
happy people
games with them

the only light source
truth or dare
sweet potatoes for midnight snack
 DAY 2

continuation in 3 days :P.......

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