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Jizza at 18

Jizza is a good friend of mine and she gave me this wonderful opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. Her color theme was white and purple. The balloon idea was hers and its  purpose was to emphasize her youth and nonchalant personality. It was an amazing experience shooting with her and it was quite a challenge for me because it's been a while since I had a pre-debut shoot (because as of the moment, I don't have enough experience to shoot pre-debut stuffs) and her sister was watching us with few of her friends, so it means that I will have 5x more pressure than usual and sometimes pressure sux. Another reason why this was a challenge for me is because this is not really my genre. So that's why I want to push my limits. I wanna push bounderies and I grabbed this oppurtunity to challenge myself. At the end of the shoot, somehow, I did push my limits and it was awesome. I learned new shooting techniques. I gained confidence with my art (thanks to Jizza, making it all easier).  And I made my face thicker than ever before. haha

Meanwhile...  in the tradition of debut shoots, black & white is usually not recommended because it could look a little bit gloomy & stuff. And it will coincide with the idea of happiness and celebration. Well, they're damn right. But honestly, I don't wanna follow every rule because this is art. You never follow the rules. You create the rules. Although, this statement does not work all the time and to every person. So it's all up to you, it only matters on how you execute it and on how you live with the criticisms. So, hell yea, I'm really stubborn. I had a black & white title photo. Although, it was according to my trusted-friend that it was really nice but not for a debut because the black & white is too gloomy for it. But nothing really matters as long as I expressed myself with these stuff and I made the decision that I will never regret. hehe.

Change is really good but only for improvement ... and sometimes for fun.

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Kiyat Jizza <3!


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