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lol attempted to do something but failed haha
I just want to tell everyone that I already have a portfolio site! WOOT! WOOT! check it out here! (that was my announcement haha) XD
Well, anyway, I love this shoot so much. It was a spontaneous one and it was quite magical. I decided to have this shoot when I woke up this morning and saw the magical light from the window at our living room then voila! instant shoot! booom! haha although the theme is better if we had it in a garden but I think I executed it just fine XD then the headdress they wore was made by me (in an instant! haha) I murdured the Malaysian mumps from my mom's flower decorations, although most of it are starting to rot but still, it was beautiful haha then I borrowed or rented a gown from Wednesday's Gowns for Rent ;) and DAMN I suck with titles HAHA

I hope you like this set! I suggest, click the photo for better view but never copy & save without my permission. K?! K.


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