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aren't they cute? hihi looks more like a pre-nup to me :P

one of my favorites
that was a long post, phew!

ze photos ye just devoured are ze pre-debut shoot I just had zis weekend. We had two sets but I just merged it because I just want a looong post haha This was also my first time to have a collaboration shoot with a friend or a colleague who then brought two professional photographers, damn I repeat PROFESSIONAL. haha At first, I was like OMFG I find it hard to move a lot because I was a bit starstruck and I feel pressured knowing that they are professional and I'm one hell of a noob or amateur (comparison, yes hello) HAHA I know that I should not act that way but at the end, instead of being nervous, I used this opportunity to learn from them about this profession. 

After that day, honestly, I regret a few things, I should have acted professionally (to the pro-photographers) and talked more to show who really I am because I was like a wallflower back then. I just watched them do their thing and let them dominate the day. I should have tested the waters more.

Despite everything, it was an awesome experience. I am looking forward for another collaboration soon and I hope that it will turn out better than this :)


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