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Pizza Day

It was a spectacular day for us. We had so much fun roaming around the mall and staying at a pizza resto, We stayed there sitting for almost 2 and a half hours talking about bitches and End of the world! HAHA It was a pain in the ass but sooo worth it!
 It was a bright sunny day and everything was almost perfect! We called it a day because some of us were having problems with "nature" haha.

Then at dinner, my mom bought a humongous yummeh pizza for their 40th anniversary <3 

yay! just found a new location for photo shoots

luvin this new shoe source! woot! 
hello shoe obsession <3
 please don't wonder why i shot these in this matter because i was 'sneeking' just to take photos, scared of being thrown out a store. HAHA

i really love this! ugh <3,<3
 time to order!
meet my quirky friend :P 

cutie hehe 
yum :P 
 time to eat!
 hahah his face! 

 all clean! haha

 the humongous yummeh pizza


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F Margaux


nice pics :) the pizzas look delicious!
hehe really?? XD thanks! im so glad someone liked it! thanks~!

btw, i checked your blog, it was really nice. <3

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