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One calm saturday morning ...

Yay~! Magandang Araw po sa lahat! :)

It's been quite a while, as always, since I have blogged something. Well anyway, few more weeks from now, my summer life will end. boohoo. and still, I haven't loose any damn weight! ugh, for sure, I won't fit with my uniform again Y^Y 

Lately, I've thinking about changing my title page, ietpepolrawrr,  because the longer it gets the lamer it will be. HAHA Well, in my perspective though, I've been thinking of the phrase "wander & discover", I chose that phrase because I think it will be more understandable and less explaining rather than using "ietpepolrawrr". Although, the address will be the same in remembering the weirdness of the previous title HAHA but the "wander & discover" is not yet official because 'probably' I may think of a better title but I am 90% sure that I can't think of another so life sucks (haha what's the connection?).

On the other hand, we went to the beach this morning because my sis misses the beach so much since she has to be in some other place. It was a quick one though it was really fun playing with some little fishies there. The ocean was really clear, calm and cold but it was already high tide when arrive there. There were just few families who went there which is very unusual especially on the weekends. Then, we went to a fishing port nearby and bought some very fresh fish for lunch. yum.

And after beaching, I decided to paint my room white for formality's sake HAHA and finally, my room like a real room now unlike before that it looked like a warehouse! haha Then soon, if I will have a special job again and have money, I will totally improvise my room so that I can invite my close friends. HAHA.

That's enough for now, here's the photos! XD


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