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Sea-foods on a Saturday

I just wanna share this happy moment. :) I hope you don't mind.

It was saturday when my sis and mom were in the mood for some seafood. So we went to our uncle's place. It was an hour-drive from the main city. Although it is not that far from the main city but it's quite different there, there are no tall buildings but they have tall trees. They live with simplicity and that's what I really love about that place.

our uncle is a lumber dealer, so he has this scraps. then we brought some of them for our dirty kitchen (traditional cooking, like using some firewood) 
my witty cousin
cleaning some yummeh fresh shells!
this hen is really silly. she placed her eggs near the fire place to incubate it while she is away to look for food. haha
chow time!
 these resourceful kids dyed their hair with a paint brush and styled their own hair for their upcoming performance in a local dance contest haha
 he thinks he's superman haha

then we went to my other uncle's place to fetch some bamboo twigs for our DIY accessory stand hehe
yay, I just love my titos/uncle.


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