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Hi everyone! I just wanna tell everyone that I'm sorry for not posting anything lately because I've been very busy from my f-ing college life. ugh FML well anyway, about this short post, uhm, this is my beautiful cousin, Almira, and on her 1st aquintance party, we helped her dolled up and whatnot. My sisters used their products (from their respective businesses) to make my dear cousin into a beautiful princess :)

And about the (again) new blog layout, HAHA and the new logo, Euphoria&Endorphins, ugh, I've been thinking about to make it official (ugh im confusing) because I think LIMITLESS is a bit too radical for me, and I think it is better not to explain things about it yet .. not this time..  haha I apologize for not making up my mind. I will try my best to stop confusing everyone but still, I don't know .. can you tell me your opinion?? :) and please, enjoy the Alpine music .. I just love that indie band <3

the hair and the accessories are just love <3
and these accessories were created by Jane Sharon :)


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