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The Disturbed

I hope you don't mind posting some creepy photos again. hehe
I suggest that you should scroll down slowly and feel every photo and you'll see the difference with just glancing on it :) Just be brave <3

Well, I've been playing with noise lately. They're kinda cool.
I know Halloween season is not yet here but I feel like it all year-round.
I know some people will like the things I do but there will be that someone who wont. Well, hey! I can't please everyone! 
If you're wondering why I love this 'genre' in photography, it's just .. it's kinda easy, well, you don't need to be very pretty, sexy, you just need to be expressive.
but this genre is kinda risky and it's kinda hard to get everyone's approval. Some people will think that you're worshiping something beyond their beliefs. But you should continue what you are doing and believe in yourself.

Honestly, I've been very down lately (emotionally or sometimes physically) and this is one of my output. I'm the kind of person who doesn't tell what I feel inside to some people or even to my close friends and my family. As you can see, or feel on every shot, it's just that there is this sadness in their aura. Something that pulls you down. Something heavy in your heart. Something that stops you from thinking positively or about hope. or something beyond words. That's what I feel every-time I'm down and I totally hate that. 

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